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    GOD Loves YOU!


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Here in your presence, I will follow you;

Here in your presence, I will always trust in you;

Here in your presence, I will seek you;

Here in your presence, I will remain true;

Here in your presence, I will ALWAYS love you.    

                                        Constance Nonnenmacher

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Jesus Pin is a reminder to both the wearer and anyone who sees the pin that they are not alone; that every day, every step they take, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are watching over them, and that they need to do the right thing.  TRUE Christian people tend to be of a kind, gentle spirit and remain calm even in a crisis.  They know that God is ultimately in control of everything.  How many people today walk around and forget the basics?  How many people have never been taught about Jesus?  They don't know how to pray or communicate with our Father.  On a daily basis, we witness stress, anger, violence, addictions, peer pressure, and hate.  Every day, parents rush around trying to get the kids to daycare or school and then get to work.  Some of us are stuck in traffic with road rage, some racing for a bus, train or plane.  No matter what their destination or form of transportation, people are usually rushing.  If a person is lucky enough to have time off, most people don't consider spending that time with God.  We cannot lose our connection to God.  Is modern society out of step with Jesus Christ?  Follow your heart as a Christian and walk with our Savior and be pleasing to our Father.  Be spiritual!  Remember who you are -- you are a child of the King.  Be proud to display your claim, however remain humble.

We know that no matter what we face, God is ever present, whether you are wearing the Jesus Pin or not; we want people to know that this pin is JUST A REMINDER that Jesus walks with us daily.

When I put my pin on in the morning, I feel like I am putting on God's armor and will go about my day to represent Jesus.

Ephesians 6:11
11 Put on God's whole armor, that you may be able successfully to stand up against the strategies and the deceits of the devil.


Commit yourself.  Commit your life.  Attach yourself to Jesus.  Get connected, pin a Jesus Pin on you.  Walk humbly with love in your heart on a daily basis. God sees your heart!  He knows your heart.  Trust HIM!  Walk with Jesus
What made you smile today?  Remember how good it felt to smile? Did you thank God?

Mission Statement:

MISSION:  To heighten awareness and educate people that Jesus is the Savior of all.  He is the cornerstone and that He is ever present and knowing of everything we do, say, and think.  He knows our heart and our needs.  To spread the word that GOD Loves You! To encourage the lost people to learn about Jesus and walk with Faith.

VISION:  To serve God and help more people enter into eternal life when their time on Earth is finished.  Also for anyone wearing a Jesus Pin to be reminded of His never ending presence in our lives.  Anyone who sees the Jesus Pin to be reminded that Jesus is the Savior.

Religious Jewelry, Christian Jewelry

Christian Gifts: 


Walk with Jesus  Christian Gift


 The Jesus Pin: Your Daily Reminder to Walk with God with and through Jesus. 


TRUE VALUE has been replaced with money, toys, and life style.  What if more people learned about God's unconditional love?  Teaching or reminding people that God made each and every one of us and HE LOVES US.  Even true Christians sometimes need to be reminded that He is with us.  Our subconscious minds never sleep, they are always working.  The more we see something, the more our brain will process the information making the message strong, similar to working out and increasing our muscle mass.  This stylish pin can be worn daily and should have a strong impact on people.  The person wearing the Jesus Pin would be reminded constantly that no matter what they are facing, God would get them through it.  Anyone who sees this pin would be reminded of God's love and possibly enable them to seek their own spiritual relationship with our Father. The Jesus Pin reminds us to keep our Faith and Hope alive.  In addition, anyone communicating with or assisting the person wearing the pin would tend to treat them with more courtesy.  Picture a nun, priest or pastor checking out in a market, people around them or assisting them tend to treat them with more respect and putting on their best behavior.  God has asked that we treat everyone with this same love.  Unfortunately, through the years we have lost this concept.  On a daily basis we write lists to remind us of "Things to Do".  This Jesus Pin would be a reminder to Walk with Jesus and be pleasing to God.  Daily, encourage people.


Pins Made in the USA Exclusively for Jesus Pin, Inc.  ©Constance Nonnenmacher 2010  ©Constance Nonnenmacher 2011



All Pins are interchangeable with the stairs and rocks.  Pictures are not accurate size.  Jesus Pin with stairs is approximately 1 1/2" x 1 1/2").


Although the shades on the Jesus Pin look different, please know that they are all the same.  While taking pictures, shades and lighting varies.  The best true image of finish is on the PH-S6 picture.


shown not actual size

Items can be purchased as sets or individual items.  Mix and match to customize your spiritual message.

Do you like the direction OUR COUNTRY IS GOING?  We, as Christians, need to make our voices heard. 

'If we ever forget that we're one nation under GOD, then we will be a nation gone under.'

-Ronald Reagan

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Christian Jewelry, Christian Gifts, Stylish Christian Jewelry,

The Jesus Pin is manufactured in two pieces.  Jesus can be worn alone or with messages on stairs or rocks. 

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