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Valentine's Day Special
Through February 16, 2016, receive a 10% discount on retail prices. Have a blessed, safe Valentine's Day.  Remember Valentine's Day is about LOVE. JESUS IS LOVE

Please call 352-592-0600 to receive A special deal.  Do not order on-line as those prices are fixed will not reflect the prices listed below. If no answer, please leave message with your phone number.

PH-S6 Pewter Look finish with stairs, Trust in the LORD with all your heart.  $6.00 plus shipping and handling.
PH-S1 Pewter Look finish with stairs "I am the way, the truth, and the life". $6.00 plus shipping and handling.
AGH-S6 Antique Gold look finish with stairs, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart". $6.00 plus shipping and handling.
AGH-S1 Antique Gold look finish with stairs, "I am the way, the truth, and the life" $6.00 plus shipping and handling.
Special Offers

Check this page every time you visit our site to see the latest special deals and offers. From time to time we offer extra incentives to our online shoppers that aren't available in the store or Holiday specials to all customers.  Please be patient, this page is under construction
To honor our Veteran's, we would like to offer all Veteran's a 20% discount on their purchases.  Please call 352-592-0600 to receive this discount and ask for the Veteran's discount (not available on-line).  Our sincerest thanks to Ralph Nonnenmacher, Wilfred Farley, Donna Nonnenmacher, Paul Nonnenmacher, and Charles Hawkins for serving our country.  Thank you to each and every Veteran for Your Service to our Country. "For He shall give his angels charge over you that they shall protect you in all the ways you go" Psalm 91:11.  You will forever be an inspiration because of your commitment to our nation.  Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!
Jesus Pins make great favor gifts for Bridal party gifts or Baby Shower gifts.  Give a gift that will keep giving.  This country needs to see Christian Spirits at work!  Make your Spirit known!  Do you find yourself looking for evidence of a Christian Spirit by the clothing or accessories? When you look at someone, do you look to see if they are wearing Christian Jewelry?

Is there someone you know that has a birthday or special event coming up?  Is this person difficult to buy for?  Why not something different?  Would the Jesus Pin be the answer? Christian Jewelry

If you purchase your pin at one of our events, you will receive a free Bible with a purchase of $15.00 or more, while supplies last!  Keep checking this page or "News and Events" to see if we are present at a flea market or other craft, arts festivals.  Does not apply to any fund raising events or church events where we have already applied discounts.