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     God Loves You!

               GOD Loves You!

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Mission Statement:

MISSION:  To heighten awareness and educate people that Jesus is the Savior of all.  He is the cornerstone and that He is ever present and knowing of everything we do, say, and think.  He knows our heart and our needs.  To spread the word that GOD Loves You! To encourage the lost people to learn about Jesus and walk with Faith.

VISION:  To serve God and help more people enter into eternal life when their time on Earth is finished.  Also for anyone wearing a Jesus Pin to be reminded of His never ending presence in our lives.  Anyone who sees the Jesus Pin to be reminded that Jesus is the Savior.

Dear Store Owner:


I would like to thank you in advance for your Christian Store and giving people opportunity to purchase items to strenthen their Faith.  I also want to thank you for the time you have spent viewing the Jesus Pin web site.  I certainly hope that Jesus Pin will be considered a Christian Assistant to your Christian Store. 


The purpose of this pin is to spread the word and faith unto others.  When you wear this pin, you actually feel your confidence level excel.  Please, don't be mistaken, this pin is not a good luck charm or an item to idolize.  However, this pin is a reminder that God is always with you.  You can believe Him when he says, "I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have drawn you with loving kindness" (Jer. 31.3).

Wearing this pin will actually make you think of the numerous choices we have on a daily basis.  If someone asked you the question of 'Do you try to do the right thing?', I am sure your answer would be yes.  However, even the smallest details of your actions mold your character.  Did you return that shopping cart to the cart corral?  If not, did you have good reason (i.e. a child in the car?).  Did you race to the cashier because you saw someone else heading that way and wanted to get ahead of them?  Did you correct the error on your dining receipt from the restaurant because the waitress forgot to charge you for an item?  Very small details, yet very big decisions; doing the right thing makes your character.  Remember, your actions gets recognized from our Father.

Let's pretend you started your day and Jesus asked if he could shadow you today.  I'll bet you would be acting on your best behavior.  We don't want Jesus to see our faults.  Right?  But he does.  We don't need this pin to have Jesus by our side, however, this pin is a reminder that Jesus is walking with you constantly and God is watching.

How do you think people will respond to you when they see you wearing this stylish pin?  We get treated with more kindness, more respect and more favor.  Most people tend to treat others with more respect if they notice evidence of a Christian spirit.  Now, think about how many people you would help daily when they see your pin and THEY are reminded that God Loves Them.  Awesome, right?  Sometimes we just need a signal or sign to remember important information.  A reminder (a piece of Christian Jewelry).

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at 352-592-0600.  Thank you for your time and GODspeed.


If you know of someone in need and you would like to organize a fund-raiser, please visit our link: Charitable Fund Raising Presentation. 

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