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                    GOD Loves YOU

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Daily, set a goal to either

help someone or

encourage someone.

Mission Statement:

MISSION:  To heighten awareness and educate people that Jesus is the Savior of all.  He is the cornerstone and that He is ever present and knowing of everything we do, say, and think.  He knows our heart and our needs.  To spread the word that GOD Loves You! To encourage the lost people to learn about Jesus and walk with Faith.

VISION:  To serve God and help more people enter into eternal life when their time on Earth is finished.  Also for anyone wearing a Jesus Pin to be reminded of His never ending presence in our lives.  Anyone who sees the Jesus Pin to be reminded that Jesus is the Savior.

                                   Paul and Constance (Connie) Nonnenmacher

Constance Nonnenmacher, Founder, Designer and President of Jesus Pin, Inc. grew up in the smallest state in New England, Rhode Island. I have an older sister, Paula Farley, who lives in Rhode Island and a younger brother, Charles, who lives in Virginia.  Charles is a F&AM.  We grew up in a Christian home.  Our parents, Claude and Pauline Hawkins were married for Fifty Seven years residing in Coventry, Rhode Island.  Mom was raised Catholic and she faithfully continues practicing her Catholic religion and attends St. John and Paul Church in Coventry. Mom worked for the Coventry Town Hall for over 25 years and is now retired.  Dad graduated to Heaven on October 31, 2015. Dad was raised Baptist and he continued to practice his faith at Summit Baptist Church, Summit, RI.  Dad was a past Senior Deacon at Summit Baptist and was asked to serve as Deacon for another four years. Dad was also a Past Master, F&AM at Ionic Lodge in Coventry.  Paula and her husband, Wilfred, also attend Summit Baptist and are very involved with the functions at the church.   Paul, my husband and I reside in sunny, Weeki Wachee, Florida.  Paul is a loving and supportive husband, and is Vice President of Jesus Pin.  He served our country with the Air National Guard based out of Quonset, RI.  Paul is a private pilot and loves to skydive. We are proud of our son, Michael.  Michael is a 15 year old who has so much kindness and joy in his heart.  Paul and I moved from Rhode Island 16 years ago.  We have been married for over Twenty Seven years.  We attend Christian Church in the Wildwood, in Weeki Wachee, FL.  Our walk with God and spiritual growth continues on a daily basis.


We are thankful that we are free to choose whatever religion we want to grow spiritually (Catholic, Baptist, Christian, etc.).


Sincerest thanks to our Veterans for our freedom.


P. S.  Weeki Wachee is a beautiful area and known as "the nature coast".

Paul and Michael in July 2014 at Clingmans Dome in the Smokey Mountains
Paul, Michael and Constance (Connie) in the Smokey Mountains while on vacation in July 2014, Pigeon Forge, TN
Paul and Constance Nonnenmacher, Charles Hawkins, Pauline and Claude Hawkins, Paula and Wilfred Farley

Through the inspiration of God, the idea of the pin was created.  Constance wanted to create a stylish accessory to be displayed to remind people of their faith.  Whether you purchase this pin or not, the most important message that people need to know is "GOD Loves You"! Have you ever had a day when you reach up and touch your shoulder and ask Jesus to please sit there and share your day?  For whatever reason, you knew that you would need his strength, direction and teachings to get you through the day.  That is the idea of this pin.  It's a "Things to Do" reminder that God is with us daily and we can communicate with Him whenever we want.  Whether the Jesus pin is attached to your clothing or in your auto, you will be reminded that He is with you always.  The stairs and rocks are interchangeable so you can wear different messages daily.

Constance and Paula enjoy a dance with dad, Claude Hawkins, to "Wind Beneath My Wings"
While growing up, all our friends had "super heroes" that they admired.  Those super heroes looked funny, dressed funny and had capes, masks, etc.  Charles, Paula and I had our own heroes.  Mom and dad were the heroes we looked up to.  The only dressing they applied was love, faith, kindness, and respect.  Our family has been truly blessed.  Dad, we love you.
Charles, my brother, and mom, Pauline Hawkins, enjoy a dance to "Wind Beneath My Wings". Pauline, "mom" is an amazing lady and is so supportive regarding the promotion of the Jesus Pin. Mom wears her Jesus Pin and also carries one in her purse. There have been many people who compliment the pin and ask where they may purchase it. With such delight, she pulls the pin out of her purse. THANKS MOM! We love you.
Paul and Michael enjoy fishing at Mom and Dad Hawkins
Pauline and Claude Hawkins, my parents
Claude and Pauline Hawkins, my parents at Ocean Drive, Newport, RI

Charles Hawkins, my brother, with fiancee, Shaynon on Ocean Drive, Newport, RI